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  • A time difference : when it's 12:00 in Korea: Newyork(22:00 previous day), Sydney(13:00) London(03:00),Hamburg and Paris (04:00), Tokyo (onazi), HongKong & Singapore(11:00)
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  • How to find cheap accommdation : Use motels (YeoGwan in Korean).The room charges of motels would be around 35,000~ 40,000 Won (about 40 US Dollars). From the Tourist Information Center of the Incheon Int'l Airport, you can get more information on accommodation.Tel:82-32-743-2600~3

  • Communication facilities: Excellent, you can make contact with your family and friends in your homeland wherever you travel in Korea (via phone or internet). Especially mobile phone is on almost all area in Korea. It's good idea to rent a mobile phone at the airport.

  • A monetary unit :Two kind of coins(100 Won, 500Won) and three kind of paper money (1,000 Won, 5,000 Won ,10,000 Won) are used in genaral.
    An exchange rate changes everyday. (1 Dollar = around 920 Won these days)
    Korea Exchange Bank


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