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Founded in 1994, Yunnan Panlong Yunhai Pharmaceutical Corporation Is an internationalized pharmaceutical enterprise group focused on regulating your body functions, specialized in health and beauty and integrating drug research and development, production and sales. Considering “Strengthening Moral Conduct, Integrity, Aspirations and Execution” as the core idea of its corporate culture, Panlong Yunhai takes strengthening the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy as its mission and is devoted to the development of the human health undertaking. 

Panlong Yunhai originally creates the “theory of health preservation by eliminating toxicant”, starting a new era for the industry of health preservation by eliminating toxicant in China. The toxicant eliminating and skincare capsules (PAIDUYANGYAN JIAONANG), the main product of the company, is a formula designed for the modern people. It is modified and upgraded based on the classic prescription of “Dachengqitang Soup” of the traditional Chinese medicine with 1,700-year history by adding or removing some ingredients into/from the prescription, developing the more integral, scientific and systematic prescription mechanism of “Purging, Detoxification, Adjustment and Tonifying Qi”. 

The toxicant eliminating and skincare capsule (PAIDUYANGYAN JIAONANG) has been sold continuously for 25 years since it appeared on the market and has kept the performance of No. 1 on the market of toxicant eliminating drugs. It was once listed into the “Torch Plan” and “Top 18 Biological Projects” of Yunnan Province, listed among national key new products jointly by several ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Science and Technology. Recognized as a famous brand product of Yunnan Province, it is a modern traditional Chinese drug of good reputation and great market value with autonomous intellectual property right. 

With the annual production capacity of 1.5 billion capsules, 600 million tablets and the annual processing capacity of 2,000 tons Chinese traditional medicinal crops, it is the first pharmaceutical enterprise in Yunnan Province passing the national GMP certification and GSP certification in all aspects. 

The company attaches great importance to new product R&D and market survey. With a drug science and technology development center, it has introduced advanced equipment from foreign countries for technological reform. Presently it has completed the preliminary clinic research of eight national Grade II new drugs. In addition to the toxicant eliminating and skincare capsules (PAIDUYANGYAN JIAONANG), the most competitive product, the company has more than 30 exclusive drugs meeting the national standard with advantaged characteristics sold on market including Lingdancao Keli (Granules), Santongshu Pian (Tablets), Houshu Kouhan Pian (Tablets) and Nuoteshen Jiaonang (Notoginseng Capsules). 

After achieving great performance in the field of drugs, Panlong Yunhai has been devoted to the development of such brands as “Panlong Yunhai Notoginseng” and “Sylvapure” relying on its great technology advantage and market operation experience. By extending its brands, it has proposed the brand development strategy of “Regulating your body functions for health and beauty” and developed a series of competitive products of “Regulating Your Body Functions” with sound effect, characteristics, value and advantages to enter the industry of health in a broad sense in all aspects.