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By regulating the internal function of the human body, it realizes a relative balance between the internal function and the external environment. Assisted with external skincare means, it reaches the purpose of fundamental health, youth and beauty through external preservation based on internal regulation.

Throat Benefiting
Blood Health
Liver & stomach Regulating
Promoting Blood Circulation
Fat reduction series
1Toxicant Eliminating and Skincare Capsules (PAIDUYANGYAN JIAONANG)
2Notoginseng (Sanqi) Ultra Fine Powder
4NotoGinseng Ultra Fine Power

Sylvapure is a TCM skincare brand vigorously developed by Panlong Yunhai. With many precious Chinese herbal medicines including Panax notoginseng, Gastrodia elata, Cordyceps sinensis and Dendrobium stem as main raw materials, it provides healthy, effective and safe solutions for problematic skin focused on the skincare idea of “regulating your body functions”.

Oil and Acne Control
Medical Plaster & Paste
1Dracaena Oil Control Balancing Toner
2Dracaena Oil Control Regener- ating Gel
3Dracaena Oil Control Rejuvenating Essence Lotion
4Dracaena Oil Control Facial Cleanser