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Brief Introduction of Cosmetics Production Workshop
The publisher:admin     message source:原创    Release time:2020-01-06





Yunnan Panlong Yunhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has worked out operable production process and internal control quality standard, production process operating procedures and various post standard operating procedures, equipment standard operating procedures and cleaning procedures and other SMP and SOP in association with the practical situation of production according to the Regulations on Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics, Work Rules for License of Cosmetics Production, Safety Technology Standard for Cosmetics and relevant national laws and regulations on cosmetics management. And the company strictly implements such procedures to ensure production and product quality. 

Presently the company has the production capacity of 20 million face masks, 5,000,000 bottles of cream and emulsion and 10 million pieces of cream, able to satisfy the requirement for large-scale production of face masks, cream, emulsion, skincare liquid, essence, shampoo and bathing products. 


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