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Export-grade quality is another convincing proof! Panlong Yunhai ’s Panax notoginseng total saponins which have been exported to the US are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Federal Government.
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Panlong Yunhai ’s Panax notoginseng total saponins which have been exported to the US are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by U.S. Food and Drug Administration on March, 15, 2019. It marks the recognition of the quality and safety of Panlong Yunhai’s products and is another international convincing proof of the export-grade quality for Panlong Yunhai’s Panax notoginseng powder!

GRAS is a yardstick for measuring whether food additives are safe and it is an important, unique and complex food/ food ingredient category in U.S. food law. The process for GRAS determination is extremely strict and harsh, by reason that the safety reviewed by the U.S. GRAS Committee of Experts with full scientific background is inevitable; the substance identified by the GRAS is the highest safety material from the scientific evidence point of view.

Panlong Yunhai ’s Panax notoginseng total saponins could be generally recognized as safe by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which obviously proves that the quality and safety of Panlong Yunhai’s products can be guaranteed by experts with working experience and qualification. It results from that our company always insists on the following quality policy: To ensure perfect quality by right of splendid spirit; to promote human health with perfect quality. 


Panlong Yunhai ’s Panax notoginseng total saponins which have been exported to the U.S. completely measured up to specification of the U.S. cGMP. A committee of experts critically evaluated a document prepared by Panlong Yunhai, that provided the data on the composition, manufacturing process, pharmacological functions, safety, etc. for Panax notoginseng total saponins. Expert groups unanimously conclude that Panlong Yunhai’s Panax notoginseng total saponins consistent with GMP and meeting food grade specifications, are generally recognized as safe based on scientific procedures for use as an ingredient in sports drink, smoothies, nutrition bars and chocolate as well as dietary supplements, constituting a mean estimated daily intake of 200mg/person.

Panlong Yunhai’s Panax notoginseng total saponins have passed the accreditation of the U.S. GRAS owing to the strict implementation of Good Manufacture Practice of Medical Products, GMP and the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology. In addition, enforcement of the Total Quality Control, cooperation with scientific research institutions such as College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as insistence on safety and efficacy is fundamental are contribute to this authentication.

As a well-known enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine, Panlong Yunhai further implements "Regulating Your Body Functions; for Health and Beauty” after inaugurating the theory of eliminating toxicant and nourishing the body.

Panlong Yunhai was a real eye catcher in China pharmaceutical market since its Panax notoginseng has high content of saponins, holding a patent on removing pesticide residues and heavy metal, as well as the safety and efficacy of product. Pan long Yunhai and Panax Notoginseng Industry Association of Wenshan have made joint efforts to undertake the heavy responsibility of carrying forward the Panax notoginseng industry;promoting the development of this industry with the practical actions,and making suggestions and contributions to the strategy of  Sanqi –Chinese Ginseng. Make unremitting efforts for Panax notoginseng industry to realize large-scale production, standardization and industrialization in traditional Chinese medicine industry.