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Panlong Yunhai has further exchange and promotion with Guangzhou Medical University on the clinical research project of Lingdancao Keli (Granules)
The publisher:admin     message source:Original    Release time:2020-01-13





On December 23, Hu Xiaohui, the Executive President of Panlong Yunhai Group, and the team led by Wang Xinhua, President of Guangzhou Medical University, had further exchange on the promotion of the clinical research project of Lingdancao Keli (Granules) preventing and treating seasonal flu.

Panlong Yunhai started the clinical research project of Lingdancao Keli (Granules) preventing and treating seasonal flu with Guangzhou Medical University and Guangzhou Respiratory Disease Research Institute in 2014, Academician Zhong Nanshan of Chinese Academy of Engineering served as academic consultant for the project and President Wang Xinhua served as person in charge.


With outstanding achievements in prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, Academician Zhong Nanshan is a leading figure in China in terms of prevention and treatment of bronchial asthma and severe contagious respiratory tract diseases. Under the direction of Academician Zhong Nanshan, the project of Lingdancao Keli (Granules) start with evidence-based medical research to explore the basis for clinic effect of Lingdancao Keli (Granules) for seasonal flu virus. Now Lingdancao Keli (Granules) has been increasingly studied and concerned by domestic medical and pharmaceutical experts while recognized and loved by the consumers in treatment of throat diseases as well as prevention and treatment of flu.

The long-term in-depth cooperation between Panlong Yunhai and Guangzhou Medical University has injected brand new scientific research capacity into product R&D of Panlong Yunhai. The continuous exploration of both parties in clinical evaluation and research of Lingdancao Keli (Granules) for prevention and treatment of seasonal flu has significantly promoted the development of Panlong Yunhai in terms of the industry of health in a broad sense.