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International Exchange / Palestinian Officials in the Field of Public Health Management and Development Visited the Company for Exchange
The publisher:admin     message source:Original    Release time:2020-01-13





On the afternoon of November 28, 2019, 15 Palestinian officials in the field of pubic health management and development visited the company for exchange. General Manager Liu Shaoxing and Manager Zeng Xuemei of Administration Department of Yunnan Panlong Yunhai Pharmaceutical Corporation had interaction and exchange with the guests.

On the exchange meeting, General Manager Liu extended cordial welcome to the foreign guests and introduced to them the general situation and development history of Panlong Yunhai Pharmaceutical in details. In association with the exploration and development of Panlong Yunhai in the new field of biomedical research, General Manager Liu gave professional and academic answer to the questions of the guests. It is hoped to explore a way of international cooperation and joint development through the visit and exchange.  


▲ The health officials of Palestine proposed questions for exchange successively. They had great interest in PAIDUYANGYAN JIAONANG (Capsules), Panax notoginseng and a series of products of Panlong Yunnan and expressed their wish for further cooperation and exchange.

▲ The guests visited the Headquarters of Panlong Yunhai

After having in-depth exchange and discussion on the questions in relation to health undertaking and health products, the Palestinian guests visited the Headquarters of Panlong Yunhai in high spirits. After knowing about the strength of the company in scale and R&D and detailed product clusters of the company, they showed great interest in Panlong Yunhai and its products, expressing their hope for further cooperation.

With the increasing acceleration of the global economic integration, Panlong Yunhai has been fully prepared to integrate into a broader international environment to create better platforms for development of the company.