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Speech by President Zeng for the New Year of 2020 / Light up Dreams with Hard Work
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Speech by President Zeng for the New Year of 2020 / Light up Dreams with Hard Work

President Zeng delivered a speech for the New Year on January 1, 2020: Practicing the New Outlook of Development for the 2020 Development Strategy of the New Panlong Yunhai, Lighting up Dreams with Hard Work!

President Zeng said in his speech that Panlong Yunnan carried out strategic reorganization in 2019 and price system integration. Under the leadership of President Hu and President Duan, out team was brave to struggle and innovate. Faced with internal and external troubles, we were reborn and realized the decisive victory of 2019 while laying a solid foundation for our development in 2020.

In 2020, Panlong Yunhai will make integration and efforts in all aspects to actively implement and promote the talent strategy and product strategy. We will further integrate resources in all aspects to bring our ability of scientific innovation into play, thus to practice new outlook of development and work hard shoulder by shoulder for the 2020 development strategy of the new Panlong Yunhai!

President Zeng hoped that in the coming year, all the officials and employees of our team will make efforts jointly in realizing our aspiration and dream together!

The speech by President Zeng gives us confidence! Each member of Panlong Yunhai saw the change of the company in 2019 and experienced the important reform of “being reborn after nirvana”. We believe that the development road of Panlong Yunhai will be broader and broader. Looking into the future, Panlong Yunhai will promise better development with each passing day!

The sunlight of the New Year

Shines on each member of Panlong Yunhai caring for each other and brave to struggle

As well as the path of Panlong Yunhai to its dream ...

Lighting up the 2020s

Let’s face the reality and be loyal to our dream

In 2020

We’ll keep our love and stride forward to pursue our dream

The future of Panlong Yunhai is promising!


(Video Produced by Yuan Lan of Business Plan Department)